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Professional Teeth Whitening in Chester, VA

Do You Dream of a Whiter Smile?

While at-home and over-the-counter kits can temporarily brighten your smile, the results often fade quickly. This is where professional teeth whitening treatment shines. At Chester Dental Care, we offer whitening solutions that lift your teeth's shade and maintain it for a longer period, giving you the naturally beautiful, white smile you’ve always desired.

Teeth whitening is a task best left to professionals equipped with the best technology. Our expert team ensures that your teeth whitening experience is safe for your smile and delivers the results you’ve been looking for!

How Does Professional Teeth Whitening Work?

The process is extremely simple, easy, and even relaxing! You visit our office for a consultation with a cosmetic dentist. During this appointment, they will assess your smile’s health and ensure it’s ready for whitening. They will also guide you through the whitening process, discuss risks and benefits, and ensure you’re fully prepared for treatment.

When it’s time to actually whiten your teeth, we will place a bleaching agent with hydrogen peroxide on the surface of your teeth, which will then be activated by a special laser or curing light. The process takes 30 to 60 minutes; afterward, you can return to your regular routine!

Professional teeth whitening by Chester Dental Care in Chester, VA

Make Your Smile Brighter Than Ever

Everyone’s teeth have a natural base color that differs from one another. This is why some people have naturally white smiles, and others tend to be milder. Many patients are also born with thinner enamel, resulting in a more yellow appearance of the teeth. This is completely natural, but there is a caveat: at-home whitening can only ever restore the natural color of your teeth.

Patients who desire to whiten their smile beyond its naturally brightest shade will need professional whitening and bleaching services. Luckily, the team at Chester Dental has everything you need to reach your dream smile in no time.

Long-Lasting Results for a Brilliant Smile

The biggest perk of professional teeth whitening is that it lasts much longer than over-the-counter whitening strips or at-home kits. You do not have to repeat treatment as often, either, which preserves your teeth and gum health.

The average professional whitening treatment lasts approximately one year before you may wish to whiten your teeth again. Keep in mind that results can be shortened if you smoke, drink a lot of coffee, tea, or colored beverages, or do not practice good oral hygiene.

We want to make it easy to keep your smile shining — ask us about take-home whitening kits that use professional-grade whitening agents!

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