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Going to an emergency dentist might not be the most pleasant experience, but you are glad when this dentist is available. Emergency dentists focus on your most urgent oral health needs. If you have a serious condition that cannot wait until your next wellness checkup, or even for a few days, an emergency dental office can help. These dental professionals can relieve your pain and discomfort. You can also improve the function of your mouth with the treatments here.

Your general dentist can refer you to an emergency office. Or, this dentist can often perform emergency procedures. One of the benefits of going to an emergency dental office is that you will not have to make an appointment. Many clinics accept walk-ins and have availability after hours and on the weekend. For the most critical issues, you should not have to put off getting treatment.

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Characteristics of an emergency dentist

A general dentist focuses on the health of teeth and gums. These dentists will see patients regularly and monitor issues, such as tooth decay, gum disease, and damaged teeth. A general dentist can diagnose and treat conditions as well as help to prevent issues in the mouth. Emergency dentists can provide immediate help when patients are in pain or have problems that could affect their overall health.

Emergency dentists have the knowledge and training to perform a variety of procedures. These include root canals, tooth extractions, and the placement of crowns. An emergency dentist will also follow up with the patient and the patient’s general dentist following a visit. The staff at emergency offices understand a patient’s needs and provide the support and comfort an individual needs during an anxious time.

Signs of a dental emergency: extreme tooth pain

Perhaps the biggest question that people have is this: When is something a dental emergency? One of the most common clues is that there is severe pain in a tooth or in multiple teeth. Most people experience occasional toothaches. This may be a fleeting sensation that comes when biting into something hot or cold. The pain may then go away and not return. However, it is time to see an emergency dentist when this pain and discomfort persists.

Tooth pain is also an emergency when it affects the person’s quality of life. If the pain is so intense that the individual cannot focus on routine tasks, it is an emergency. This kind of pain will also get worse over time and not leave on its own. Pain medication and cold compression packs can temporarily relieve the pain but not solve the problem causing it.

What the toothache means

A long-lasting, serious toothache requires help from an emergency dentist. This is a sign that the patient has a large cavity. It could also mean that the tooth has abscessed. This condition occurs when bacteria has gotten deep within the tooth, causing an infection. By performing a root canal and removing the damaged pulp, the dentist can remove the infection. Untreated, the infection could spread throughout the mouth and into the face and neck.

Broken or lost tooth

At first thought, it may seem that a damaged or dislodged tooth is a cosmetic issue only. This can certainly be an embarrassing condition that affects a person’s smile. There are many health effects to a fractured or missing tooth as well. An emergency dentist should see a patient right away when the person has knocked out or broken a tooth.

To repair this problem, the dentist may place a crown over the damaged tooth. This will protect it from further damage. It can also prevent bacteria from getting into the tooth. For a missing tooth, if the dentist cannot replace it, a bridge or implant may be the right solution. Failure to treat a damaged or lost tooth can affect the person’s ability to chew effectively. It can also lead to bone loss and cause adjacent teeth to drift and become loose.

Jaw pain

Biting into something hard can hurt the jaw. This discomfort will usually go away after a short time, however. People who experience severe or lasting jaw pain need to see an emergency dentist. This dentist has the knowledge and training to properly assess the patient and make the right diagnosis. Once the dentist identifies the cause of the pain, treatment to correct the issue will follow.

Jaw pain could mean that the patient has an infection. There could also be an injury to the muscles of the jaw. Patients who have jaw pain could also have other health concerns, such as arthritis. The dentist can diagnose these conditions and develop an ongoing treatment plan.

Severe bleeding

Many people experience the unpleasantness of bleeding gums. This can happen during brushing or flossing. It usually means that the individual has some stage of gum disease. This condition is also characterized by inflamed, red gums. If treated early, the dentist can reverse the effects. People who ignore gum disease could eventually face an emergency.

Patients who experience frequent bleeding from the gums should see an emergency dentist right away. The dentist will determine the severity of the gum disease and what treatment will be most effective. The dentist may do root planing or scaling to clean the gumline of tartar buildup. Gum grafts may also be necessary. Seeing the dentist for this issue can help to prevent tooth loss and bone loss.

Nothing to ignore

Putting off a trip to the emergency dentist can have negative consequences. If you are having any of these signs and symptoms, call an emergency dental office near you right away. You should not live with this type of pain and discomfort any longer. You can have peace of mind knowing that the dentist will use effective techniques to restore your oral health. You can also feel well once again and be free of suffering and agony.

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