Does Professional Teeth Whitening Have Health Benefits?

Teeth Whitening Chester, VA

Teeth Whitening procedures can transform your smile and give you a good self-image. Do you have yellow, gray, or brown stains on your teeth? This type of discoloration may cause you to avoid other people and seek a solution. The good news is that there are other advantages to doing this treatment as well. Not only can this change the way you look, but there are health benefits too. As you understand this, you will see why it makes sense to whiten your teeth professionally.

Types of teeth whitening

There are a few different ways that people can whiten their teeth. When the discoloration is moderate or severe, brushing alone will not achieve this goal. The dentist can do an in-office procedure by applying highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel to the teeth. The dentist will use light or heat to activate the chemicals, which penetrate the teeth and break down the stains.

Patients can also do the treatment at home. With this method, the dentist will give the person mouthguard-like trays that fit snugly but comfortably over the teeth. The patient applies whitening gel to the trays and wears them overnight. There are also products, such as toothpaste and mouthwash, that contain lower amounts of whitening chemicals. Patients can buy these in the store.

Reducing the risk of gum disease

Dentists emphasize the importance of daily flossing, and for good reason. Doing this will remove food particles from the gumline and in between teeth. Proper flossing prevents bacteria, which can lead to the buildup of plaque and tartar. Gum disease is evident when gums are red and inflamed. Untreated, this condition can cause tooth loss, bone loss, and infections throughout the mouth and body. Infections from gum disease can even make their way into the bloodstream, causing cardiovascular problems.

The ingredients found in teeth whitening gels can kill these bacteria. When a person has professional treatment in the dentist’s office, there is less of a risk of the patient having gum disease. The dentist has the knowledge and training to perform this procedure properly. Not only can the patient have whiter teeth but healthier gums as well. As a result, the person’s oral health can improve.

Reducing the risk of tooth decay

If there is a bigger concern with oral health than gum disease, it is tooth decay and cavities. People who do not brush at least twice a day are prone to developing this condition. Tooth decay can damage the enamel and dentin layers. Severe decay will cause holes in the tooth.

The results can be extreme pain and discomfort. Infections and tooth abscesses can occur. There may even be tooth loss. Teeth whitening agents can strengthen the teeth and prevent decay.

A nice smile and improved health

Everyone wants to look good and feel good. Teeth whitening can help you achieve both goals. For good oral health and the appearance you want, talk to your dentist about whitening your teeth. In a few short visits to the dentist’s office, you can transform your mouth.

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